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  Some clients share their personal stories and journey with White Feather Healing ( most of these stories are included in my book). I hope you find them relevant, informative and helpful to you. It took courage for clients to share on a public forum and I am deeply grateful to them for their honesty and trust of my work.    
  Danielle's Story   Anne's Story  

I had the wonderful fortune to meet Tricia Sheehan in December 2005.

In April 2004 I had the terrible misfortune to bury our son Rubin and was fortunate to birth a beautiful baby girl in March 2005. Although I was in a happy time in my life I wasn’t happy and felt clouded in an incredible darkness of grief confusion, fear, anger, worry and grumpiness!!!!

Due to my recent grief experience I was drawn to ring Tricia as I had seen her name on a flyer advertising a workshop about dealing with grief. That workshop was not meant to be and I was invited to a winter solstice evening at Tricia’s home and gratefully accepted even though I had no idea what to expect.

I arrived at Tricia’s home which is a sanctuary of healing, calmness, acceptance and peace which can be felt as you approach the door. I joined with the group as we meditated through the dark into the light. This spoke to me on a very deep level as I existed in darkness and Tricia gave me hope that I could get into the light and leave the darkness.

After this I attended a number of individual sessions with Tricia which really helped me on my journey in the earth. When you attend a session with Tricia, as you enter her healing house, she welcomes you warmly and invites you to join her in her healing room upstairs. The first time I had no idea what to expect and was quite anxious, however Tricia’s calm and relaxed approach, while she explained what she does, helped with the anxiety.

Tricia is a spiritual and energy healer and has an innate ability to look deep into your soul and help you uncover parts of you, that have become stuck, imbalanced, dis-eased. Through my sessions with Tricia I uncovered huge emotional trauma from the death of my father when I was two. Tricia has the ability to draw you out in her session through her kind wisdom and she tunes into the stories of your soul, the bits that hurt and have become disheartened. After some time discussing the relevant issues and offering some therapeutic solutions in her very understanding, non-judgemental, compassionate manner, Tricia will invite you to participate in a personal recorded guided meditation which will enable the healing process to continue, in your own home. This process has greatly enabled me to move through a dark place in my life into the light and joy that is to be experienced on the earth.


Aoife's Story

I have been working with Tricia for over six months to date and the following words describe what it has been like for me – “a journey towards freedom, self development and happiness”.

For years, I had a tendency to search for “something better”, something I never clearly identified and I always looked for things outside of myself, in order to achieve fulfillment, never stopping or taking “quality time” to look within, and feel, and identify, what I really wanted, and what was best for me.

I went to see Tricia on the recommendation of a good friend and like all other “new things”, I had embarked upon in my life, I went to my first appointment without giving it a lot of thought, not knowing what to expect and hoping that it would somehow enhance my life. I recall Tricia gently asking me at one stage, why I had come, and my reply being that I just wanted to be a better person. She explored this with me and after some time, the outcome both shocked and upset me. I talked and cried about an issue I thought I had “dealt” with years ago, one I never discussed, certainly not with strangers! The issue was abortion and I had been carrying guilt, anxiety, self doubt and regret, for years.

Tricia was open, non judgemental and kind. She listened and I felt safe. She tuned into those who were with me at that time, in what I describe as the “spirit world”, and she described and explained various things to me. She then covered me in a blanket, placed her hands above my head
and on my shoulders, at different times, whilst she did some healing and talked to me. She recorded this part of the session, so that I could take it home and listen to it. My homework involved writing to the baby, explaining many things and the associated feelings, then when I was
ready, burning the letter and doing a ritual which I chose – i.e. burning the letter and planting it with some bulbs in the soil. It was a few weeks before I could do this. I cried a lot and listened to Tricia’s tape many times during those weeks. I recall listening to the tape and somehow feeling
safe and supported.

Since that first appointment, I have written many letters, to many different people and have performed quite a few similar rituals under Tricia’s guidance. It has been a gradual process of letting go, which has enabled me to forgive and accept myself, and to free myself from the pain of guilt, self judgement and low expectations, of what I deserve. Other homework following healing sessions with Tricia involved – saying positive affirmations, writing what I want –e.g. my dreams for certain areas of my life and doing a collage with pictures representing the aspects of these dreams, writing a self appraisal and writing how I would ideally
like to handle various situations in my life.

After each session with Tricia, I would come away feeling calm, supported and able to handle what life presents. During one particular session, I resisted Tricia’s advice, saying that I could not possibly do this or that and I gave numerous reasons for my reluctance, to which she
calmly listened and reiterated the importance for me of doing these particular things – yet I resisted. A week later I mysteriously realised that I had actually done the “this, that, the other and more”.

I have changed over the past six months and the changes have been commented upon by many who know me. I laugh more. I am less stressed and more creative. I know what I want and what I will tolerate. I am clearer in my thinking and my thinking is much more positive than it ever was. I have basically lightened my load, shed the baggage and the negativity and realised what I need to do for myself. Amazing things happen as I clearly ask for what I want and for what is best for me and I receive. I have even got parking spaces in car parks, where there seemed to be no hope of ever getting a space.

I appreciate everything in my life and I give thanks regularly. I do frequent clear-outs of possessions, particularly clothing. I enjoy doing this and I have found that shortly after doing so I inevitable find in some shop, that nice top or pair of trousers I have wanted for ages. I prepare for the sessions I have with Tricia in so far as I do my homework and think about what I would like to ask her and what I would like her to help me with. I no longer drift along reacting to external forces.

The bulbs blossomed into an array of colourful flowers, that I have enjoyed seeing develop. When sewing the bulbs I was slightly anxious about how I would react once they would mature i.e. would I be upset? Would they be a reminder of the issue? Fortunately, what they became was something beautiful to look at, nothing more, other than a strong reassurance that I was doing well. Thank you Tricia - your gifts of healing, understanding, intuition, kindness and love have brought me and I am sure many others, to where I am now.


Kathleen's Story

When I first met Tricia in 2000 I was an emotional and physical wreck. I had come through a very acrimonious marriage break-up and was left with five children – one who has a terminal illness. I was also in severe financial difficulties; my confidence was at an all time low and my life was going nowhere.

In June 1999 I decided to sell my house to relieve the financial pressure. I had found a smaller one which I liked and I would be able to buy it with the proceeds from the sale and have some money left over. A year later, I still had not managed to sell my house, even though it was a boom time and all the houses around me, were selling within weeks of going on the market. It was then that Tricia found me and she continues to find me every time I need her. I didn’t go looking for her – I rang the centre where she worked, looking for another therapist I had visited before. Tricia answered the phone and told me the other lady didn’t work there anymore, but she could help me.

I was very sceptical of spiritual healing, even though I knew nothing about it, but I was so desperate I decided to try it and I’m very glad I did, because my life has changed completely.

I had two visits with Tricia, one at the end of June and one a week later. She helped me get rid of all the baggage that was holding me back. Within two months of my first session with her, I had sold my house and bought a much nicer one, than the one I had lost the previous year. Everything started to go well for me, from then on.

I was so amazed at her healing power that I immediately rang a close relative of mine, who had been going through a very traumatic time for the previous two years. This lady never ever answered the phone to anyone, but that day when I phoned her, she did answer. She told me afterwards that she was so low at that point, that she couldn’t have gone on, for much longer. She visited Tricia and she has her own amazing story to tell, about her experience. I have recommended Tricia to a lot of people and those who have visited her all have had very positive experiences.

When I moved to my new house everything went well for me. I had no more money problems and my sick child went through a very healthy period. I heard Tricia had gone abroad and I didn’t hear anything more about her for a few years – until I needed her again.

In 2004 my child became very ill and was hospitalised for a while, but recovered well. Then in 2005 she was hospitalised again and wasn’t expected to live. She did pull through again, but I was finding it very difficult to come to terms with the prospect of her death and I was becoming very depressed. Out of the blue, I got a schedule of upcoming events from Tricia, in the post. I didn’t even know she was back from her travels. At this stage, I had lost her address and phone number but now when I needed it, it was literally on my doormat. Needless to say, I got in touch and again the results of one session were amazing. A year and a half later, my child is still going strong and so am I!!

I don’t know what happens when I go into that room with Tricia, but I always come away feeling re-energised and rejuvenated. She always has practical advice to give, but what I love most is that I don’t have to do any of the work. She gives a relaxing enjoyable meditation, which does all the work and I just lie back and listen.

I feel and I know that there is a connection between us. Every time I need her, she turns up without me having to look for her. Even as I write this, there has been a ‘mini crisis’, which I am dealing with very well and Tricia has turned up again, in the form of a text message. This has happened on a number of occasions. It’s as if she is reminding me that I am not alone, no need to panic, there is help out there.

I am convinced that someone in the spirit world is helping me, but there are times, when they cannot get through to me and that is when they use Tricia, to get through to me. It’s a great feeling to know you are not alone and Tricia is always there to help, when the going gets too tough.

There are times when I feel like having a session with her, even when there is nothing wrong, because just being in her presence is a wonderful experience.


Esther's Story

My name is Esther. I met Tricia in 1995. My brother had been killed in a car accident the previous year and I was heart broken. I went to meditation classes with Tricia for about ten weeks. I went to these classes to help me get through the sadness and upset that I felt at the time. I found the classes very helpful even though I ended up, on a few occasions, crying during the class. It helped me to deal with the feeling of loss. I remember Tricia saying after a class that she felt that my brother was with me during it. I was delighted and amazed, wishing I could see or feel him myself. Even though, the death of a loved one is a very sad, heart breaking experience, it showed me how to view it, in a more understanding way and I know that my brother is always there for me spiritually and looks after me each day.

My next meeting with Tricia was in the last year. I had a stress related illness. I came to see her feeling very stressed and anxious. I attended two healing sessions. I found the messages Tricia had for me, so accurate and portrayed exactly what was going on in my life at the time. She did beautiful healing meditations with me, mentioning my brother in it. I felt relaxed and calm during the meditation. I was able to take home the meditation tapes and listen to them. I played them on a daily or weekly basis, whichever I needed. I found by doing this, it helped me deal with emotions and become less stressed. I started to feel a sense of relaxation within myself and a feeling of being at peace.

I also attended a Xmas meditation evening last December, where I did a few different kinds of meditations. They were absolutely beautiful. I found I was totally calm, relaxed and tuned into them. My mind and body felt totally relaxed and recharged afterwards.

In my opinion, Tricia is an Earth Angel sent here to do beautiful healing work. She is always helpful and has supported me, at difficult times in my life and brought me to a much better understanding of myself. One sentence I remember from a healing session is – “we are never, where we are not meant to be in this life journey”. That one sentence has let me view things in a different more positive light. Her work is wonderful and was a life saver for me when I needed it.

Sinead Says

Tricia has a rare talent of reflecting back the truth of a person’s feelings. In articulating the emotions, she enables us to open our spirit to healing and allow divine energy to flow.

Her meditations resonate deeply and continue to gently guide and heal, long after the session is over.


It is a joy to write about working with Trish (albeit a struggle for me to do justice to her work and to describe succinctly and concretely what she does), because it was uplifting to work with her and one unique outcome has been the birth and arrival of my baby girl Grace. Indeed it was exactly this time (Solstice June ’05) that I found out I was pregnant, a news of unexpected and great joy.

I can but give a glimpse into what it has meant for me to work with Trish, and as my story will explain later, at a particularly significant and indeed life changing time for me.

I have been very lucky to have met with and worked with Trish. She has been a hugely positive, affirming, supportive, caring force in my life.

Birth and birthing both in its symbolic and physical manifestations have been the dominant themes in my work with her so far. And indeed Trish was a mid-wife in every way, apart from her physical presence at the time of delivery!

So too, as in any birthing process, healing with Trish is a collaborative venture. She enables one to restore and reclaim one’s wisdom, ones deep knowing, one’s higher or true self.

Of course, we all tend “to go for healing” at times of crisis, of illness, of dis-ease, with self and others. I, too, am no exception to this. But in a session with Trish, when the difficulties, crisis, issues or ‘stuff’ presenting themselves, are put out and uncovered, to see what the patterns or emotional content underpinning them are, the potential for transformation, for release, for finding one’s own healing power can evolve. Trish certainly seeks out, inspires and brings forth the healer in her client also. When this happens, waves of relief, of deep knowing, of energy, of life force are released (tapped into), and this is the point of joy, a joy which is both, real and present, yet effusive and fleeting. We seemingly (or most of us) don’t have the ability to contain or hold joy for long. Yet it is the memory of those freeing – joy filled moments in healing sessions with Trish, that remind me of the power of these sessions and of healing which inspires me, to recommend this and Trish to others.

Trish, as a healer, can be gentle, extremely empathetic and compassionate, but she is also direct and challenging. For all of us, the crises, conflicts, dramas and stories of our experiences, reflects our relationships and difficulties with others. Trish enables one to see these dramas as aspects of one’s own patterns, struggles, projections and as the “raw material” of the self, which needs to be owned, integrated, taking responsibility for what one has attracted, or engaged with, to define more clearly “my stuff”, my needs as distinct from that of others. It can take time to take responsibility for one’s responses and actions. Working with Trish ensures clearer insights into the core issues of one’s soul story, and in conversation with one self, one’s true essence and guides, inspires an “ah-ah” moment – i.e. this is what is happening here.

She also enables and encourages one to trust one’s process. It is important to say she is non-judgmental. If one is struggling to hear what is being said or to accept something, she will work with it, so that one can find one’s truth, one’s strength, one’s wisdom, one’s ease, in order that change and healing can happen.

I find the naming, structure and components of her sessions as having meaning at many levels. This meaning is both symbolic of and actual to the process of healing.

The name ‘White Feather’ healing, the naming of the sessions on the tape as “Merlin moments”, the drinking of the cup (as in Australian Bush essences) and their affirmations, for me enact the healing process. And together with the healing part of the session (on the plinth with a recording of what Trish says), imbue a magical sense to the sessions and indeed offer a metaphor for understanding healing itself. There is an aliveness, a fluency, a congruency between all the components of each session, which I love and adds much to the overall, each complete in itself, yet finds resonance in the whole.

I began to work with Trish after the last of three miscarriages in March 2004. I had been working with others and Anne Campbell, most regularly of all, in this period 2001-2004, and with Anne and Trish concurrently ’04 to Feb ’06, along with other medical and spiritual expertise. Interestingly, there was always a consistency in this work between the different healers and that too had its own power to affirm and trust, in what is right for me and at the right time.

I instinctively knew that it would be a good idea to work with Trish after the third miscarriage. I needed to find out and explore what was going on here. So much unfolded during those sessions and in complementary sessions with Anne, I can but focus on a few key themes.

I had about 15 sessions with Trish in the pre-pregnancy period. The work of this period could be characterised by a journey, a coming home to a self, a giving birth to myself, my needs, my truth, being at ease in my own skin. This I was somewhat unprepared for, as I was so focused on the dream of another child, for me, for our relationship as a couple and also to give my older girl a sibling, but we were losing sight of the dream. Trish instilled positivity and encouragement. The dream of giving birth to another child was connected to a giving birth to my self. This work was tough. I so wanted it all to happen now and I still remember the angst when Trish was beseeching me to give it time – a year. Paradoxically the process was about allowing the dream, give birth to me. There are many areas that come up for exploration in the coming home to oneself, suffice to name here the patterns of thinking and emotions that needed to sit easily with me ;-

- that I am good enough as I am
- that I am worthy of this
- that I deserve this

So too, trust and trusting my process, my body, the creative process and my ability to create, were at the core of this healing work and my struggles. Images, body-wisdom, memories, stories, bush remedies and healing –visualisation and meditative journeying were part of these sessions. Ritual too had a role and capacity to heal. One such ritual focused on grieving and letting go-


Oct 1st. ’04 An ultrasound photo of last pregnancy fell out of my diary in session with Trish. We explored not letting go.

Oct 3rd.’04 I had a wee ritual of burying the photo and some ribbon, symbolic of previous pregnancies and miscarriage.

Oct15th.’04 My friends baby was born. My babe was due at this time. The day after I was broken hearted and could not stop crying.

Oct17th.’04 My friend Bernadette’s months memorial - again a focus for grieving.

Oct 23rd.’04 The funeral mass and burial of Trish’s grandchildren, became both a focus of grief and a time of healing for me.

I discovered that I was pregnant on summer solstice ’05. Trish worked with me throughout the pregnancy journey. I became pregnant with the assistance of natural procreative technology and the power of prayer, healing, medical expertise and the positive energies of many. It was a time of great anxiety with specific episodes, where the pregnancy was threatened with loss.

Trish’s weekly sessions in the early month or two kept me calm, positive and focused. The thrust of these are summed up by the affirmations critical to this journey: -

“I trust my body”

“I trust my womb”

“I trust my baby’s sacred journey”

I loved these sessions, particularly the tapes of the healing journeys, which I played and re-played (and fell asleep to) between sessions. Deep patterns of fear kept coming up. The tapes and these healing sessions were a critical focus in my ability, to believe in this pregnancy, the child’s journey along with the medical intervention. The healing work touches and stills the heart. A great sign of this work was the look in baby Grace’s face when she heard Trish’s voice in person, at about a month old. Two of the text messages Trish sent me, just prior to the birth illustrate her level of care and support.

“The hands of the guides will be guiding birth of babe and it will happen only when the moment is right”. – Feb 8th. 2006

Love, light, hugs, kisses, miracles, magic – enjoy the wonder of your deepest dream. May a host of angels sing to ye, as the baby is born And may you feel safe and present”. – Feb 11th. 2006 (2 hours prior to birth – 9am). “

And I was present as Grace was born on Feb 11th. 2006. The womb journey, her birth and even since then it is, quite amazing, in the sense of accepting ones dream coming true …!

Trish assisted, mid-wived the birth of this dream and both she and her work were a total gift to me and my family, which we can never forget.


Linda's Story

I have been having healing sessions with Tricia Sheehan for two years and I am now going to attempt to put into words, the effect this remarkable woman has had on my life.

When I met Tricia Sheehan, I had reached a turning point in my life. I had moved from London to Ireland, split up from my relationship, which left me devastated and I was also battling with a serious weight problem. I was deeply unhappy with myself and my life. I was at my lowest ebb and had no real sense of inner worth.

I simply cannot explain to you how grateful I am to have met Tricia Sheehan and how much I value and respect the important work that she carries out, to the highest integrity.

Through her healing sessions and beautiful personalized meditative journeys, which she puts on tapes, marked “Merlin moments”, she taps into exactly what you need to know at that time, to make every moment of your life, one of great happiness, contentment and peace. She immediately recognised the great sensitivity I possess and taught me, it is something to cherish and not detest. She is able to access your emotional space and jump straight to the heart of the matter. She has taught me that the dreams and desires I have are not just impossible pipe dreams, but very real and attainable realities.

I encouraged, Tricia Sheehan, to write her book “Sacred Journey of a Celtic Visionary”, so that she can reach the widest possible audience. My wish is that other people will know, understand and perhaps be lucky enough to experience what Tricia Sheehan’s magical sessions and gifts are all about.

I urged her to write this book to help you (like she has helped me) create the kind of life that works and makes sense, and most importantly, a life you are living and truly loving, as the powerful, fulfilled person, you have always wanted to be.

The work Tricia Sheehan does creates true freedom in your soul. In her book, this glamorous, non-judgemental healer with the utmost compassion and sensitivity leads us on a path to something every one of us seeks in our heart – inner joy. With her innate abilities and wicked sense of humour, Tricia introduces us to techniques that enable us to discover, our own state of true inner joy and acceptance – the kind that saints and mystics have written about throughout the ages. She helps us to build a centre of emotional and spiritual self reliance on the inside, a centre that will allow you to live everyday with greater joy, greater strength and the peace in your heart to know that you are good enough, just because you are here on the earth plane, and that it is your divine right to be loved, treasured and respected.

Most of all, my sessions with Tricia Sheehan and the many magical “Merlin moments” we have shared together, have given me the feeling of true freedom – the freedom that comes from finding a source of security and happiness inside yourself – happiness that nothing and no-one can ever take away from you and the self confidence to finally face my fears.

Tricia Sheehan has helped me in so many ways. She has helped me to understand difficult family dynamics and unravel my childhood issues that have brought me to where I am today.

This modest lady takes no credit for the success and happiness I find in my life today. That said, without hesitation, I urge you to read her book “Sacred Journey of a Celtic Visionary”, so you may too find inspiration, from this amazing healer and visionary.

I ask you sincerely to please support her important work. I can honestly say I owe a great deal of gratitude to Tricia Sheehan and her work. My life would not be the beautiful journey it now is, if it was not for this true light worker. I am blessed to have met her and I know you will be touched by her story, as much as I am.

Linda Duncan 2006

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