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  The course on offer at present is ' Psychic Healing / Psychic Development '. This course began in 2012/2013 and was attended by a group of very excited students who grew and developed beyond my wildest dreams and their fears during the year. Once the group is formed on Day 1 of the course no more students are accepted for confidentiality and development reasons, so the group remains a closed group throughout the course year and the same applies for the optional Year 2.    
  Psychic Healing/Psychic Development Course 2013/2014   Mary's Course Review  

It is said that all knowledge comes from within, our natural psychic ability to hear, see, sense, feel and understand requires us to go within, so we can release the noise and demand of the outside world thus enabling us to listen, see, feel and find our way forward in our lives or gather guidance that can support others in their way forward.

Course Content

Learning to quiten the mind and go within through breathwork and meditative techniques / Learning to access and understand ' psychic guidance ' and the language of imagery and so forth that it uses / Learning to trust the voice of the unconcious and unravel its meaning / Learning to tune in to spirit, family, friends, guides and so on / Learning compassion, nonjudgement for self and others / Learning to put aside  ' your thinking and attitudes ', so you can tune into others with an open mind and heart / Learning about cellular pathways and how our psychic ability can enable us to unravel them / Learning how to create meditative, transformative, healing journeys for yourself and others / Learning to decipher the difference between the voice of the mind and the psychic voice of wisdom and guidance / Learning about ' ego ' and our psychic ability / Exploring your questions and needs within the course content / Learning to use our psychic skills to tune into each other, practicing in pairs and within the group space with respect and compassion for each other.

Course Dates
Day 1 Sunday 29th. September / Day 2 Sunday 3rd November / Day 3 Sunday 24th November / Day 4 Sunday 15th. December - ALL IN 2013 -

Day 5 Sunday 19th. January / Day 6 Sunday 23rd. February / Day 7 Sunday 23rd. March / Day 8 Sunday 27th April / Day 9 Sunday 25th May - ALL IN 2014 -

75 Abbeyfields, Clonard, Co. Meath, Ireland

10am to 5pm --- (registration is at 9.45am each workshop morning, please bring packed lunch, notebook, pen and meditation blanket - tea / coffee / biscuits provided.)

Course Cost
€ 700 ( non refundable deposit of €100 due by 1st September / balance of € 600 due in 3 instalments of € 200, payable on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5 of the course - the course fee is non refundable as this is a closed group, once the group is formed on Day 1 of course there will be no more participants accepted. If you have a problem with the payment schedule please talk to me and I will do my best to facilitate your needs.

To Book
You can reserve your place with me by text or e-mail and send your non refundable deposit of € 100 to Tricia Sheehan, White Feather Healing, 75, Abbeyfields, Clonard, Co. Meath by the 1st September 2013. If you have any further questions you are very welcome to contact me at (087)6448776 or by e-mail.

You will receive a participation certificate from White Feather Healing at the end of the course. There is an option for the group to continue on and do a second year of the course but it is not mandatory, just an optional extra.

If you have any further questions please contact me. I would be delighted to answer them. If you are interested in undertaking this course in 2013/2014 please contact me to reserve your place.


This course was written by Tricia to help people develop their own natural physic ability. My name is Mary and I attended this course last year.  I was very interested in what the course offered as I felt that it ticked all the boxes. As with any course there's always something that you would like to try but are sceptical about. The mediumship part of the course was that for me. Sure enough midway through the course it was time to find out about mediumship.

I sat in front of my classmates wondering what I was going to do and how I was going to channel information from the spirit world!!! Tricia assured me in her very calm and trusting way that I could and in that moment I did trust her and I relaxed.

Tricia guided me through the process highlighting the safe way of channeling and how to be in control of the process at all times. Sure enough I started to see people's names that were in spirit and also knew who they were connected to. I could impart very relevant information to the people involved. This blew me away....

I understood there and then that with the right teacher and support you can achieve things that sometimes you think are impossible.

Having completed the first year I feel that I have gained huge insight into my own capabilities. I find also when I use techniques like guided meditation which we learned on the course  I can be more in tune with my surroundings and  my mind is calmer.

I am hugely greatful to Tricia for teaching this course as it is only because of her patience,  attention to detail, support and guidance to each student that this course is so successful and different to any other of its kind.

Thank you for such an inspiring year.


Danielle's Course Review

I am extremely interested in healing and psychic energy and learning about the areas that Tricia excells in. Thus last September I attended Tricia’s psychic development course for nine months, one Sunday a month. Wow it was amazing to start a course believing that I had no psychic ability to learning that I can tune into my guides, interpret psychic imagery, answer questions by tuning into photos, jewellery and other participants on the course, cellular memory imagery and healing the stories in our cells. We had a whole day learning about channelling and mediumship where everyone on the course got a chance to experience being ‘Psychic Sally’ and although we laughed through nerves and lack of self-belief, Tricia showed us the way and we all tuned into someone from spirit who was known to a participant and we were able to relay messages from those in spirit. Wow what a buzz, it was thrilling!!

Through Tricia’s gentle guidance, complete belief in us and our abilities and her patient teaching I finished the first year with a strong belief in my own psychic ability and begging for a second year to learn more. This ability is beneficial personally as in enables me to access another part of me which has enriched my life as I have realised that we all have a whole support system in spirit that can offer advice and solace in times of hardship and can cheer you on in times of joy. Also, this course has helped me find my way to a new career in this area which has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

Tricia has taught us to open up to a new level of spirituality and guided us in a very safe manner; she educated us to have very clear boundaries and taught us how to create a safe space when opening psychically. Tricia is an amazing teacher who passes on her knowledge in a very gentle, compassionate, encouraging and safe way and enables her students to open up to parts of themselves that they never knew existed

Through attending Tricia individually, through workshops and through the first year of the psychic development course I have increased my knowledge of myself on a spiritual, emotional and physical level and have become intimately acquainted with my souls journey. Tricia is truly a gift to this world at this time as she enables people to find themselves, heal themselves, fall in love with themselves and thus spread more loving, compassionate kindness around the world.

I am extremely fortunate to regard Tricia Sheehan as my healer and teacher and more importantly as a friend and soul sister. Thank you Tricia.

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