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  About Tricia   Tricia Sheehan Picture  
  Tricia is a very passionate healing therapist and compassionate guide to all who seek her help and support. She has spent her adult life to date developing her 'psychic healing gifts'. The powerful but gentle healing energy she channels through her voice and hands calms, soothes, comforts and guides her clients to heal themselves.    
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Way back in 1983, after a few very challenging times in my life, I began attending a healing therapist and it was during this period of therapy that my passion and dream to develop and work in this field came to the fore.

My focus and commitment to my own personal development, physical, emotional and spiritual over the years has shaped and formed my pathway as a ‘ healing therapist’ along with the wisdom and support I received from some very gifted teachers along the way.

Some 30 years later, I see my gifts as my ‘psychic ability’ to ‘see’ into the cellular memory pathways and hidden stories of an individual. I journey with people through this maze, that is their life story, help them unlock, understand and express their often hidden feelings while guiding them to transform and heal through guided meditation.

I think of my work as ‘ Energy Medicine ‘ , as I work with the energy of the individual, addressing a myriad of different life challenges.

During my leisure time I love to kayak, swim, walk, dance, read, travel, do arty crafty things, eat lots of my favourite foods while hanging out with my family and friends.


While sitting in a very deep meditation surrounded by the giant sequoia trees and the spirits of the North American Indian Ahwahnee tribe, deep in Yosemite National Park, Tricia heard herself being called 'White Feather' by those who guide her work and journey and it was from that moment that she named her life's work 'White Feather Healing'.

It is the 'light' and 'freedom' of the white feather that she would ideally like to introduce and awaken into the lives of her clients.

Just like her father and ancestors before her, she is a 'teacher' of a different genre from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

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