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  Healing Sessions   Cave Image  
  Healing is about seeking balance and finding within yourself the ability to cope with and journey through a life challenge, a stressful situation, an illness, a relationship issue, a work problem, a bereavement or a challenging situation in any aspect of your life.    
  Why come for a healing session?   What to expect from a 90min session  

A healing session will offer you a safe, confidential, compassionate space to talk about and explore “what you are going through” , suggesting ways to process your feelings and experience, helping you to uncover the next step on your journey.

Most of all a healing session will give you breathing space, while working with your energy to support you to heal and transform your life challenge. When your body is given a nurturing environment it knows how to heal itself.

Healing soothes, comforts and connects you to those who guide and support your pathway from the spirit realm.


I will welcome you into a safe comfortable room, where you will sit on a sofa and chat about why you have come for the session and share what it is you are seeking or needing.

I will then tune into you and ‘your energy’ tell you what I see, ask you ‘can you relate to it’, invite you to close your eyes so we can ‘journey’ together into your challenge and work with healing and transformation.

For the last 30 minutes of the session you will lie on the plinth, wrapped up in warm comfortable blankets where I will hold your feet and guide you through a healing meditation based on your session. This meditation will be recorded for you to listen to at home so the healing can continue.

  Meditation/Guided Healing Journeys   Transformation  

Silent 30 minute touch healing session with guided meditation lying on the plinth. Cost €25

60 minute ‘energy medicine’ session, on the sofa, where I will tune in and we will journey together through your challenges, seeking healing and transformation. Cost € 50

90 minutes session incorporates the 60 minutes ‘energy medicine’ session on the sofa with an added 30 minutes healing and recorded meditation lying on the plinth. Cost € 70

To book a session please contact me by E-mail or phone. All communications are treated with the strictest confidence.


Transformation is about positive change, working with the areas in our bodies and lives where we feel imprisoned, stuck, trapped or challenged and transforming us into healthy beings and our lives into happier more fulfilled ones.

As creative beings we can transform / change ill health, work issues, relationship issues and life issues in general. It is our 'soul energy' that enables us to transform and our 'soul energy' is a 'powerful flowing river of light' that can wash away the old, when we give permission to express and release it and carry in the new into our bodies and lives.

The essence of transformation is about letting go.

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