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  Energy Medicine   Flame Image  
  I am very passionate about ‘energy medicine’, the hidden energy fields that shape and form our very existence, often referred to as ‘sacred geometry’ or ‘perfect mathematical shapes’ that are the basis of creation. Energy fields are generally invisible to the naked eye, much like electrical energy or the many messages sent through the air waves via our phones and computers.    
  What is it?      

Energy medicine is about looking beyond the obvious, beneath the surface of a person’s life, at their mental attitudes, feelings, dreams and all that is recorded in the invisible library of information living in the cells of each and every being.

Once the energy or hidden story has been uncovered one can work with healing and transforming what is presented, through imagery, expression of different forms, colour, sound, movement and meditation.


It is energy that enables us to function and it is incredibly exciting to watch and be part of the ‘alchemy’ or ‘dramatic transformation’ that can occur within an individual when you guide them to work with their energy fields.

It is energy that carries the 'hidden truth' within the body and it shows us the way forward.

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