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  From time to time I will be posting guidance that I hope you will find supportive, relevant and insightful. A ' mantra' will also be suggested. A 'mantra' can be repeated silently, as many times as you wish, any place, any time. It calms the mind, awakens self confidence, positive attitudes, feeds your creativity and promotes healing.
  2013 - 2014      

As the tide is turning and we begin to emerge from the ashes of recession, we need to find hope, self trust and patience in our hearts and minds and it is time to dream again, both the small dreams and the larger ones. We need to remember that we are the keepers of our dreams and we have the creative wisdom and ability to feed, nurture and give birth to them. Just as nature holds its seeds deep within the earth until it is time to birth them, we have been holding our dreams deep within ourselves, waiting just like nature for the right moment to feed, nurture and birth them. 

While moving through recession life is often less fertile as growth and change are happening on a deeper level within us and society but as we emerge from recession everything we dream of and have had to put on hold, starts to become possible again. It is important to go slowly, be patient and take one step at a time, celebrating every droplet of growth and progress along the way.

The key to sucess is to allow yourself to ask for any support you need and to accept it with gratitude. We all have a healthy inter dependence and need one anothers skills and talents as we are of course stronger and more productive as a community when we group together and share our individual and unique wisdoms. We can of course give and accept support without losing our individuality or power.


So begin by making a contract with your dreams, writing them down, listing the support you need and the practical steps you are going to take. Remember to list the progress you make each week and the time you spend feeding your dreams. Try not to put too tight a timeline on your dreams, allow them to emerge in their own time and sometimes they emerge in a different format to the one you have envisaged so stay alert to the new.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so remember to take regular breaks to rest, laugh and play.


I give myself permission to dream again - I trust with time and patience I will give birth to my dreams in the earth.

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